TypeApparent density (kg/㎥) 
Thermal conductivity [Average temperature (23±2)℃] W/m·K
Flexural strength (N/㎠)
Compressive strength (N/㎠)
Absorption (g/100㎠)Combustibility
Type 1 no. 145 or more0.024 or less35 or more35 or more3.0 or lessCombustion time of less than 120 sec and combustion length of no more than 60mm 
no. 235 or more0.024 or less25 or more25 or more
no. 325 or more0.025 or less15 or more10 or more
Type 2no. 145 or more0.023 or less35 or more15 or more-
no. 235 or more0.023 or less25 or more10 or more
no. 325 or more0.024 or less15 or more
8 or more
Type 1
Type 2
As a product without a surface material, it presents the advantages of flame-retardant and self-extinguishing properties of PIR insulation materials in an economical way and reduces the concerns of spread of fire.This is a product with a surface material, which can be chosen according to user needs. Various surface materials, including non-woven fabric, paper, vapor barrier, aluminum, etc., can be used to improve workability and broaden the scope of application.

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