■ Bead method types 1 & 2 properties: KS M 3808
Thermal conductivity [Average temperature (23±2)℃] 
Flexural failure load (N) Compressive strength (N/㎠)AbsorptionCombustibilityMoisture permeability coefficient
Bead Method Type 1 Bead Method Type 2
Heat insulation plateNo. 130 or more0.036 or less0.031 or less35 or more16 or more1.0 or lessCombustion time of less than 120 sec and combustion length of no more than 60mm 146 or less
No. 225 or more0.037 or less0.032 or less30 or more12 or more208 or less
No. 320 or more0.040 or less0.033 or less25 or more8 or more250 or less
No. 415 or more0.043 or less0.034 or less20 or more5 or more1.5 or less292 or less
■ Properties of Semi-Noncombustible Bead Type Insulation Material

Semi-Noncombustible Test Method

(1) KS F 2271 : 2016   (2) KS F ISO 5660-1 : 2008

◆ Test Results (Test Report)

Test itemResultAcceptance criteriaRemarks
Heat release testTotal heat dissipation (MJ/㎡) MJ/㎡ or lessDetails: Refer to Test Details
Duration in which the heat release rate continuously exceeds 200KW/㎡ (S)00010 S or less
Crack, hole, and/or melting in case of a fire penetrating the specimen (complete melting and disappearance of the core), etc.NoneNoneNoneShould not occur
Gas hazardStopping time (min: s)13:5713:53-9 min or more

◆ Thermal Conductivity Test Method

(1) KS M 3808   (2) KS L 9016:2010

Test ItemUnitTest resultAcceptance criteriaRemarks
Thermal conductivity [Average temperature: 23℃]W/(m.k)0.031-Details: Refer to Test Details

※ The above shows the test results in the field accredited by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS), which has signed the Mutual Recognition Arrangement of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation.

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