■ Semi-Noncombustible Bead Type Insulation Material

The semi-non-combustible bead-type insulation material helps prevent the spread of fire and provides outstanding thermal insulation. It is a building material with an excellent cushioning effect and insulates against heat, noise, and moisture. It is semi-noncombustible insulation material for the exterior that is economical and easy to work with. 

■ Bead Type Insulation Material 

Insulation produced by the bead method is a product that has been expanded by adding a blowing agent such as pentane or butane to polystyrene resin. Comprised of a large amount of small air layers, it has excellent insulation performance. It is used for insulation of exterior walls of various types of buildings, insulation of Dryvit, etc., filling of soft ground for civil engineering works, backfilling of structures, EPS filling, etc. 

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